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Innovative Strategies for
Emerging Destinations

Tourism Product Development Planning and Consulting

Destinovate is a destination marketing and consulting firm specializing in tourism product development strategies for the next generation of travel in the United States.

We provide a wide range of services, including market research and analysis, strategy development, and digital infrastructure planning. The primary goal of Destinovate is to help small towns, rural communities and many more up-and-coming destinations to attract more visitors, increase tourism revenue, and create sustainable growth for their local communities.

We provide your destination marketing organization with a deep understanding of the tourism industry and the unique challenges facing emerging destinations. By leveraging this expertise and working closely with clients, Destinovate is able to create customized plans and programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each destination. With our help, your destination can develop and implement marketing strategies that will reach target audiences, build brand awareness, and drive visitor traffic.

Every destination has its own unique story to tell, and we are dedicated to helping our clients bring that story to life. Through strategic planning, we help destinations to create an experience that will engage and inspire visitors and transform your hidden gem into a must-visit destination for travelers.

Destination Marketing Consulting Services

Tourism Asset Inventory

Starting at $290

  • A comprehensive list of all resources, attractions, and facilities within a particular destination.

  • Helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to maximize the potential of the destination.

  • Includes attractions, hotels, transportation, dining, shopping, recreation, cultural activities and festivals.

  • Provides a foundation to develop Go-To-Market and Digital Destination Infrastructure strategies.


Starting at $390

  • Outlines the approach and tactics a destination will use to promote itself and attract visitors.

  • Considers target market, competitive landscape, unique selling propositions, and available resources.

  • Based on asset inventory to incorporate the strengths and weaknesses of the destination and target audience preferences.

  • Flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions, visitor behavior and new trends.

Digital Destination Infrastructure

Starting at $490

  • Integration of smart sensors, IoT devices, and data analytics to collect and analyze visitor data.

  • Streamlining transportation and utilities to be more efficient and cost-effective, leading to better services for visitors.

  • Interactive visitor experience technologies including augmented reality and gamification.

  • Track and analyze visitor patterns to make more informed decisions about resource allocation and provide targeted marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Destinovate Tourism Product Development Services?

Expertise: Destinovate provides expertise and experience in tourism development planning. We bring a deep understanding of the industry, market trends, and best practices that can help the emerging destination make informed decisions.

Objectivity: We provide an objective view of your destination’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to help prioritize actions that will maximize the impact of tourism product development.

Network and Connections: We connect your destination with industry partners who can assist your development efforts and prepare your destination for the next generation of travelers.

Cost-Effective: We provide budget friendly solutions without the need to hire a full-time staff with the same level of expertise. We can help your destination save time, money, and effort by leveraging knowledge, expertise, and resources to achieve your tourism development goals.

Tourism Development Strategies for Destinations of All Sizes

Small Town Tourism Development

Small Towns

Small towns can benefit from tourism development strategies by creating a strong and attractive tourism product which can drive economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the community's quality of life.

Rural Communities Tourism Development

Rural Communities

Rural communities can benefit from destination marketing planning by utilizing their unique assets, such as natural beauty and cultural heritage, to attract visitors and diversify their economy.

Emerging Destinations Tourism Development

Emerging Destinations

Emerging destinations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from tourism consulting services by cultivating a sustainable tourism industry which drives economic growth, job creation, and improved quality of life.

Partnering with Community Leaders in Tourism

Destinovate works with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) located in the United States including Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs), Chambers of Commerce, Municipal Governments, State Agencies and various tourism associations, councils and boards.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) can greatly benefit from tourism product development consulting by gaining insights into the tourism market, identifying new opportunities and understanding the best ways to optimize their offerings. The right consulting service can help CVBs create a comprehensive tourism development plan that maximizes their resources and appeals to a wider range of visitors, leading to increased economic benefits and overall success in promoting their destination.

Chambers of commerce can benefit from tourism product development consulting by gaining a better understanding of their local area's tourism potential and learning how to market their destinations more effectively. By working with a consultant, chambers of commerce can develop a comprehensive plan to attract more visitors, which can lead to increased revenue for local businesses and a more vibrant local economy.

State and municipal governments can benefit from a comprehensive tourism product development plan. This plan can help them effectively market their destinations, optimize their tourism assets, and improve the overall experience for visitors, resulting in increased economic growth and development for the area.

Small tourism associations and economic development organizations can also benefit from tourism product development consulting by gaining expert insights into their destination's unique strengths and opportunities. By working with a consultant, these associations can develop a comprehensive plan to effectively market their destination and attract more visitors, leading to increased economic growth and prosperity for their community.