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Tourism Go-To-Market Strategy
Destination Positioning and Promotion

Maximize Your Destination's Success

Elevate your destination by building upon your Tourism Asset Inventory with Go-To-Market Strategy consulting services.

A tourism Go-To-Market Strategy is a detailed plan for promoting and selling a destination's tourism offerings to potential visitors. This type of strategy takes into account a destination's existing tourism assets along with the unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to set out a clear plan for reaching target audiences and increasing visitor numbers.

A Go-To-Market Strategy for your tourism destination includes elements such as market research, target audience definition, brand positioning, marketing and sales channels, and measurement and evaluation. The end goal of a tourism go-to-market strategy is to create a sustainable and successful tourism industry for the destination.

What is Included with a Tourism Go-To-Market Strategy?

  • Brand image: defining the destination's unique identity, positioning, and value proposition in the market.
  • Communication channels: identifying and selecting the most effective channels to reach the target audience, such as social media, website, print, and events.
  • Community involvement: engaging with the local community to create a sense of pride and ownership in the destination, and encouraging them to be advocates for the area.
  • Infrastructure and product expansion: identifying opportunities to enhance the destination's physical infrastructure and visitor experiences, such as improving transportation, accommodations, and attractions.
  • Success metrics: establishing measurable objectives and KPIs to track the effectiveness of the go-to-market strategy and make data-driven decisions to optimize and refine the approach.

Tourism Go-To-Market Strategy Pricing

Services are billed at $39 per business included with the Go-To-Market Strategy, which must include at least 10 tourism-related businesses within the study area. Tourism Go-To-Marketing Strategy consulting services start at $390 for a small study area of ten businesses covering one city or town, and can be scaled up to include an entire county or multi-county regions.

What Comes Next?

A tourism Go-To-Market Strategy provides a comprehensive plan for a destination to position itself in the marketplace and attract visitors. It identifies target markets, defines the destination's unique selling proposition, and outlines tactics to reach and engage with potential visitors.

A Go-To-Market Strategy is crucial in helping a destination differentiate itself from competitors and establish a clear brand identity. Destinations should implement their Go-To-Market Strategies by developing actionable plans, allocating resources, and executing tactics to reach their target markets. The effectiveness of the go-to-market strategy should be regularly monitored through data analysis and feedback from stakeholders to ensure that the strategy remains relevant and is delivering desired results.

Modern tourism destination development planning is not complete without the inclusion of a Digital Destination Infrastructure Plan. By adding tourism technology consulting services to your Go-To-Market Strategy, destinations will be equipped with a comprehensive, technology-focused approach to achieving the goals outlined in the tourism asset inventory and go-to-market strategy.