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Sample Research Reports
Example Case Studies

Learn More About What's Included with Destinovate Services

To give potential clients a better idea of the services offered by Destinovate, we have prepared a series of sample reports including a Tourism Asset Inventory, Go-To-Market Strategy and Digital Destination Infrastructure plan.

The subject of these sample reports is the fictional Willow County located in rural central Missouri. While no two destinations are alike, these demonstration documents can provide you with a general scope of what is typically included in our services for communities of varying sizes ranging from small towns to entire counties.

Tourism Asset Inventory Sample Report

The Tourism Asset Inventory report includes two files:

  • A spreadsheet detailing names, ratings and contact information for businesses and attractions
  • A narrative report explaining key destination facts and the value each tourism asset adds to the destination product

Go-To-Market Strategy Sample Report

The Go-To-Market Strategy report includes one file:

  • A narrative report explaining all aspects of destination branding including brand image, communication channels, stakeholder management, product expansion and success metrics.

Digital Destination Infrastructure Plan Sample Report

The Digital Destination Infrastructure Plan report includes one file:

  • A narrative report explaining key digital presence initiatives including website, social media, digital advertising, visitor analytics and how to foster community relationships to make the plan successful
  • Bonus: Includes digital marketing term glossaries, sample content calendar, sample meeting agendas and more!