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Destination Development Consulting
Services and Pricing

Affordable Tourism Development Strategies for All Destinations

Our comprehensive tourism consulting services offer three main tiers of services to fit your destination's budget. These tiers offer scalable solutions for destinations seeking to grow their tourism industry and can be customized to fit different budgets and goals.

  • Tourism Asset Inventory - provides a thorough analysis of a destination's existing tourism assets, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy - optimizes a destination's marketing and branding efforts, positioning it for success in the highly competitive tourism industry.
  • Digital Destination Infrastructure - focuses on utilizing digital platforms and technology to enhance a destination's online presence and visitor experience.

Tourism Asset Inventory Services Starting at $290

  • Identification of tourism-related assets, such as attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and transportation options.
  • Market analysis, including visitor personas, infrastructure, funding sources and existing tourism promotion efforts.
  • Analysis of the destination's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to the tourism industry.
  • Analysis of available data and performance metrics, such as visitor numbers and economic impact.
  • Recommendations for social media marketing strategies to get starting promoting your destination's assets

Tourism Asset Inventory services are billed at $29 per asset included with the report, starting at a minimum of 10 assets per client.

Tourism Go-To-Marketing Strategy Services Starting at $390

  • Defines the destination's unique identity, positioning, and value proposition in the market to create a strong brand image.
  • Identification of the most effective channels to reach the target audience, such as social media, website, print, and events, as part of our communication channel plan.
  • Strategies to successfully engage with the local community to create a sense of pride and ownership in the destination, encouraging them to be advocates for the area.
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance the destination's physical infrastructure and visitor experiences, such as improving transportation, accommodations, and attractions, through infrastructure and product expansion.
  • Establishes measurable objectives and KPIs to track the effectiveness of the go-to-market strategy and make data-driven decisions to optimize and refine the approach. Success metrics are a crucial part of our service.
Tourism Go-To-Market Strategy services are billed at $39 per asset included with the report, starting at a minimum of 10 assets per client.

Digital Destination Infrastructure Planning Services Starting at $490

  • Assessment of current technology infrastructure and capabilities including website, mobile apps, and visitor tracking systems.
  • Identification of technology solutions to enhance visitor experience including interactive displays and applications.
  • Recommendations for investment in digital infrastructure, such as tracking beacons, website upgrades and display installations.
  • Integration of digital solutions into your marketing and communications plan to celebrate visitor experience upgrades.
  • Development of performance metrics and measurement plans to track success for website analytics and visitor KPIs.
Digital Destination Infrastructure Planning services are billed at $49 per asset included with the report, starting at a minimum of 10 assets per client.

How Are Services Quoted and Estimated?

Destinovate's pricing model is based on the US Census Bureau data to ensure that our clients receive services that are priced proportionally to the community they are serving. This means that the cost estimates of our services are reflective of the community's size, resources, and needs. Our pricing model ensures that each destination receives tailored solutions that fit within their budget while providing them with quality and effective services.

By using Census Bureau data, we can accurately assess the unique characteristics of each community and provide pricing that is both fair and transparent. Our goal is to provide exceptional services that are accessible and affordable to all destinations, regardless of their size or budget. Service prices are quoted based on the total number of tourism and hospitality-related businesses located within the study area belonging to the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code provided by the US Census Bureau.

NAICS Code NAICS Code Description
114 Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
115 Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry
452 General Merchandise Stores
453 Miscellaneous Store Retailers
487 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation
711 Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries
712 Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions
713 Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries
721 Accommodation
722 Food Services and Drinking Places

Prior to beginning work, an initial 60-minute consultation will be provided to all prospective clients for free of charge. Free consultations will take place via an online conference call. The goal of the introductory call is to gain a better understanding of the study region, clarify the challenges and goals of the destination and confirm the number of estimated tourism assets is accurate and fitting to the destination

NAICS code data is provided by the US Census Bureau at the county level. However, custom pricing is available to include only a portion of one or more counties. For example, if a study is being conducted for a municipality with a size of 50 square miles located in a county of 100 square miles, the project estimate will be based on 50% of the reported businesses belonging to the NAICS codes listed above for that county. Clients may also wish to specify a drive-time radius to include portions of adjacent municipalities or counties. Pricing for multi-county study areas will be based on the total number of tourism and hospitality-related businesses for all included counties.

Tourism Done Right: Client Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

At Destinovate, we prioritize client satisfaction above all else. We understand that each project is unique, and we strive to keep our clients informed every step of the way. We provide regular opportunities for clients to review progress, ask questions, and request revisions or clarifications to the deliverables provided. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the final product and feel confident in the work we have done for them. We believe that open communication and collaboration with our clients is essential to achieving this goal.