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Tourism Asset Inventory Services
Destination Research and Analysis

Unlock the Potential of Your Destination

Take the first step of your travel destination product development journey with a comprehensive Tourism Asset Inventory.

A tourism asset inventory is a detailed analysis of a destination's tourism resources, including attractions, events, cultural and historical offerings, accommodations, and dining options. This information is crucial in helping small towns, rural communities, and emerging destinations to identify their unique selling points and strengths, as well as areas for improvement.

By conducting a tourism asset inventory, your destination can build a solid foundation for their market positioning strategy, and make informed decisions about product development to guide your investment in tourism infrastructure. The inventory provides a roadmap for these destinations to maximize their tourism potential and attract more visitors, boosting their local economy and improving the quality of life for residents.

What is Included with a Tourism Asset Inventory?

  • Identification and indexing of tourism-related assets, such as attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and event facilities.
  • Assessment of the destination's current tourism infrastructure and services, including visitor centers and transportation systems.
  • Analysis of the destination's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to the tourism industry.
  • Evaluation of the destination's current reputation, branding, and marketing efforts.
  • Assessment of local policies and regulations that may impact tourism development.
  • Analysis of available data and performance metrics, such as visitor numbers and economic impact.

Tourism Asset Inventory Pricing

Services are billed at $29 per business included with the Tourism Asset Inventory, which must include at least 10 tourism-related businesses within the study area. Tourism Asset Inventory consulting services start at $290 for a small study area of ten businesses covering one city or town, and can be scaled up to include an entire county or multi-county regions.

What Comes Next?

A completed tourism asset inventory provides a comprehensive understanding of the resources, strengths, and weaknesses of a destination, serving as a foundation for further development.

Following the completion of Tourism Asset Inventory, destionations can decide to pursue futher consulting services including a Go-To-Market Strategy and Digital Destination Infrastructure Planning. These three steps work together to create a comprehensive and integrated plan for destination development and success.

A Go-To-Market Strategy builds upon the information gathered from the tourism asset inventory, using it to identify and prioritize target markets, create a unique value proposition, and develop marketing and sales tactics to reach those markets.

Digital Destination Infrastructure planning leverages the information from both the tourism asset inventory and go-to-market strategy to determine the technology and digital infrastructure necessary to support the destination's marketing and sales efforts and provide a seamless experience for visitors.